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25. Wirtschaftstag Berlin-Pankow

We had the great opportunity to take part in the 25. Wirtschaftstag Berlin-Pankow. We attend very interesting talks about the challenges and ideas of the future of the district Pankow (one of the 12 districts in Berlin). To exchange with all the main actors was an incredibly rich experience.

The event took place in the great Zeiss-Planetarium. Music & laser show, classical music, and excellent food contributed to a nice evening. We exchange a lot of ideas with illustrators, musicians, local brewers, biker lovers, and politicians.

Our contribution was an exclusive t-shirt just made for this occasion. Paris - Rom - Pankow. The goal was to put Pankow in the foreground ;)

Special thank to the team of Wirtschaft Pankow for the well-done organization and we hope to see you all again very soon.

With love,
the Bélaplume team