“Typefaces are clothes for words and like a finely tailored suit, it’s the detail in their composition that adds interest.”


We search for the right typeface for every text, play with the letters and try to bring emotions.

With our Kiez collection Berl12, we design t-shirts with reference to the Berlin districts. After all, we live and work here.

Our t-shirts are made of organic cotton and every single shirt is printed by us in the Weddinger screen printing studio.

STATTLAB: Our screen printing studio

The Stattlab at Drontheimer Str. 34 is a large screen printing workshop where a wide variety of artists and designers print postcards, posters or even textiles. You can learn the technique of screen printing yourself in workshops. Even after the Stadtbad Wedding closed, in which the association Stattlab e.V. was founded, the artist collective remained loyal to Wedding.

The screen print workshop produces prints for a wide range of artists as well as working with local schools to teach small groups how to print. Here our T-shirts concept are designed and printed with a lot of love and passion.

If you are curious about how to begin with either screen printing or photography at Statt Lab feel free to drop by during the week. Learn more about the Stattlab.