Design Market - Lobe Block

Design Market

Genießt einen GANZEN TAG lokaler Kunst mit Siebdrucken, Fotografien, Illustrationen, Schmuck, Mode, Drinks & Essen, Rooftop DJs, Live-Musik und Live-Events! SAVE THE DATE.

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Design Market - Lobe Block


      • Tangerine sun | Printed goods.
      • Bélaplume | Screen printed fashion.
      • Jilli Darling Art | Digital paintings, prints and original artwork.
      • sun&rise | REFLECTIONS. provides a way to you to connect with yourself. By offering a sticker set with 60+ stickers, you are invited to place them in your existing journal / diary or buy a notebook with it.
      • Damasia Almacenistas | I have tablecloths for big tables, placemats, napkins and beach bags to sell. They are all handmade by my family in Argentina.
      • Lila Lelanz Schmuck | Hochwertiger handgefertigter Unikatschmuck mit ausgewähten natürlichen Schmucksteinen aus Südamerika, Talismane und Lebenswegbegleiterinnen für das Abenteuer Leben; neue Frühlingskollektion Ende April.
      • Lemon and Pink | Wir verkaufen hochwertigen Mode - und Echtschmuck aus Berlin.
      • Bianca Green | I am a multi medium artist currently obsessed with clay. I make functional ceramics that look and feel warm and joyful. I express myself with different shapes, colors and love learning, experimenting and trying new things.
      • greyedview | Collection of particular spots and moments shot by Franziska Söhner, a Berlin based designer and part time hobo.
      • HE | Dark avant-garde fashion handmade in BLN.
      • Badia Boutique Studio | Riso Prints of Type and geometric shapes.
      • Nina Kaun | Illustration / Brooks / collage.
      • Tanya Doan | Fun & playful analog artwork + digital illustration featuring Apathetic Sheep. Original artwork + merchandise based on it: stickers, postcards, pins, prints, and more!
      • Yves Kervoelen | Soft illustrations with watercolours.
      • Howadays | Handmade and unique journals, daily planners, notebooks, postcards and posters from carefully selected, sustainable materials. .
      • La Météo | Berlin French print label. Botanics & Seasons / Nostalgia & Nouvelle Vague.
      • Jördis Hirsch | Gedrucktes aus Berlin mit Herz und Schnauze.
      • TN | Screenprints. Themes are human psychology. .
      • Frauke Schyroki Prints & Edition Tokhi | Poster and lino prints & Vintage glassware and lamps.
      • Noémie Fantôme | Comics, Postcards, Silkscreens, art prints, stickers, zines.
      • Zora Sauerteig | Comics, Postcards, Silkscreens, art prints, stickers, zines.
      • Aden | Handmade leather shoes.
      • NOmAd | Designs from material reconstructions, made out of collected leftover garments and fabrics.
      • the tinkery | My brand focusses on creating “Biospheres” which are unique pieces of jewelry containing a tiny world within them.
      • Espacio Hurfa | Espacio Hurfa is an ethical brand that offers a fine selection of sustainable, handmade homeware & accessories (wall hangings, cushions, baskets, blankets, bags, hats).
      • Loulou’s creations | Pearl jewelry & scrunchies.
      • Kamichains | Handmade Face and Body jewelry & Hats.
      • Ceramicsbytiz | Functional handmade ceramics for the home.
      • Paeoni Colors | Sustainable Fine Jewelry.
      • Damasia Almacen | We make tableware and beach bags. All handmade with slow and conscious methods of production. It's a family business.
      • Sofia Kov Jewelry | Clean lines jewelry.
      • Julia Opalkova | Taschen, Bilder.
      • Petit Mignon | Upcycled glass jewellery.
      • Meddouze | Illustrations and screenprints. Screenprint introduction workshop.
      • Karls Kragen Schmuckdesign | Handgefertigte Schmuckstücke aus Edelmetallen und Edelsteinen, sowie Unikatschmuck aus Kunststoff.
      • The Burrow Prints | The Burrow Prints offers handmade limited edition linoleum prints. From design to hand carving and printing, each lino print is unique.
      • THIRTEEN candle studio | All candles are doing with 100% soy wax and fine fragrance oils. Hand poured with love!.
      • LAMA Leather Goods | Minimalist leather goods handcrafted in Berlin.

Live Art & Live Music

11:00 - 13:00 MUSIC - Vioro Lobe Space
14:00 - 17:00 MUSIC - NG Selecta Lobe Roofterrace
15:00 - 16:00 MUSIC - D‘aria Lobe Garden
16:00 - 17:00 MUSIC - Fanfare Gertrude Lobe Roofterrace
17:00 - 20:00 MUSIC - DJ eMVie Lobe Roofterrace
20:00 - 22:00 MUSIC - DJ Neeko B Lobe Roofterrace
14:00 - 16:00 ART - Live Drawing with Jördis Hirsch & Miriam Jacquiot Lobe Roofterrace / Lobe Garden
Afternoon ART - Live Screen Printing with Medouze & Bélaplume Lobe Garden
Afternoon ART - Live Chalk Art on Window and Board with Hiromi & Bélaplume Lobe Space
18:00 - 18:30 Verlosung/Raffle - Get the chance to win one Design Market bag filled with amazing artworks from our local artists Lobe Space

Design Market - Berlin


Enjoy ONE FULL DAY of local art with Screenprints, Photography, Illustrations, Paintings, Fashion, Food, Live Music and Live Events! SAVE THE DATE.